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10-Week Jump-Start Wellness Plan: Part One

For the next 10 weeks, Dr. Smith will guide patients through a unique and highly effective approach to getting — and staying — healthy.  Achieving optimal health is an ongoing process, and there are no “quick-fixes.”  The key to this innovative approach is focusing on one aspect of wellness each week.  By completing “bite-sized” challenges, patients will gradually learn to take control of their well-being.  Read on for a brief outline of the plan.

Week One:  Start with the spine.
Challenge:  Schedule an appointment for a chiropractic checkup.

Week Two:  Stamp out stress.
Challenge:  Reconsider your schedule, and adopt a stress-reduction regime.

Week Three:  Dump the drugs.
Challenge:  Reconsider your use of unnecessary medication and reliance on drugs.

Week Four:  Make friends with the sandman.
Challenge:  Adjust your schedule to accommodate adequate sleep time.

Week Five:  Develop a winning nutritional strategy.
Challenge:  Rid your cabinets of junk foods and identify five destructive nutritional habits to tackle.

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