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“Good” and “Bad” Fats

There’s been a lot of hype about dietary fat in recent years.  And the hype keeps changing.  First, we were supposed to avoid fat.  Then carbs were the enemy, and fat was OK.  Now we hear that some fats are OK, and some aren’t.  Confused? Doctors of chiropractic, such as[…]

Research on Low-Back Pain in Children

Most people consider low-back pain (LBP) an adults-only malady.  But Dr. Smith wants parents to be aware that children are also susceptible to this potentially debilitating condition.  LBP in children was, for many years, considered a rare condition.  But in the last two decades, studies show that the prevalence of[…]

Eight Ways to Boost Your Immune System

How strong is your immune system?  Do you know?  Do you even think about your immune system when you’re not sick?  If not, you should.  You have the power to make your immune system stronger and decrease your chances of getting sick.  Get your immune system in top form now. […]