Chiropractic for Life


Kids Need Chiropractic Care, Too

Think that chiropractic care is just for adults?  Think again!  Children and adolescents also reap the wellness-boosting rewards of chiropractic care.  Dr. Smith encourages patients to learn how chiropractic care helps kids of all ages grow up as healthy as possible. Chiropractors are seeing a growing interest in chiropractic care[…]

Chiropractic: Leader of the Wellness Revolution

These days it seems that everybody is talking about “wellness.”  People are questioning our society’s dependence on medication and medical procedures with potentially harmful side effects.  We are searching for a better way, which often means opening our minds to what was formerly considered “alternative.”  In fact, many “alternative” approaches[…]

This Summer, Swim Your Way to Better Health

Dr. Smith recommends swimming, for both adults and children, as an excellent way to tone the body because it develops the muscles of the upper body and the cardio-respiratory system (Eur J Appl Physiol Occup Physiol 1995;71:295-300) without the wear and tear that can stem from other types of aerobic[…]

The Chiropractic Solution to Mid-Back Pain

Chiropractic is well known for its ability to relieve neck and low-back pain.  But did you know that it also benefits those suffering from mid-back pain? Mid-back pain ranges from twinges to tenderness and throbbing.  Unlike low-back pain, however, which gets lots of press, achy middle backs don’t capture as[…]