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Steroid Injections Worsen Joint Pain

Dr. Smith understands that painful joints — including those in the shoulders, hands, knees, ankles and feet — are physically and emotionally draining.  And don’t forget those achy, debilitating spinal joints in the back!  Unfortunately, millions of people make this dreadful situation worse by covering up symptoms with cortisone shots.[…]

Conditions That May Be Caused by Upper Neck Injuries

Spinal trauma, specifically to the neck, can be caused by any traumatic event — a fall, car or motorcycle collision, sport’s injury or bicycle accident. Regardless of the source, spinal traumas almost always result in vertebral subluxations — misalignment or restriction of vertebrae (spinal bones).  And vertebral subluxations are associated[…]

Put Insomnia to Bed With the Chiropractic Lifestyle

Restful sleep is the cornerstone of good health — a time when our minds and bodies rejuvenate and prepare for the day ahead.  Yet, for many individuals, “catching some Z’s” is easier said than done. Why do people have trouble getting ample shut eye?  Chiropractors, like Dr. Smith, believe that[…]

Are Your Legs the Same Length? Are You Sure?

Without knowing it, many people are walking around with one leg shorter than the other — a situation that may lead to chronic body pain.  According to scientific studies, even a differential of a few millimeters in leg length can trigger disorders ranging from arthritic knees to hip pain, low-back[…]