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New Research Shows Aerobic Exercise Fends Off Chronic Pain

For years, people in chronic pain were told to “rest,” “take it easy” or “stay off their feet.”  Not anymore.  These days, they’re being told to “get moving”! Studies are confirming what chiropractors long ago learned from working with patients:  The notion that people in pain should “take it easy”[…]

The Fashionable Fig — Healthy and Hip

Figs are the latest in-style, hip fruit gracing celebrity hot-spot restaurants from Los Angeles to Paris.  But the fig won’t just make you hip — it can also make you healthy.  With over 50 varieties to choose from — and countless ways to prepare and enjoy this ancient delicacy —[…]

The Lesser-Known Effects of Back Pain

Back pain can range from mildly annoying to completely debilitating.  Its physical effects make even the simplest of movements — getting in and out of a car, picking up items off the floor or stooping down to pet a dog — unbearable. And back pain’s effects don’t stop at physical. […]