Chiropractic for Life


The Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit work, “Yuj,” meaning to yoke, join or unite.  Sanskrit is the language of ancient India, where yoga originated.  The practice of yoga involves joining or integrating all aspects of the individual — body, mind and soul. Yoga’s principle of a balanced life is also a[…]

10 Reasons Not to Miss Your Chiropractic Appointment

Dr. Smith becomes concerned when patients miss their appointments because chiropractic care is — quite literally — a hands-on endeavour that requires full patient participation.  The following are just 10 of the many reasons not to miss your chiropractic appointment. Chiropractic is prevention oriented. Chiropractic care plans are not arbitrary.[…]

Healthy Resolutions

It takes an average of three weeks for new behaviours to become habits.  That’s why Dr. Smith encourages patients to focus on making — and keeping — healthy New Year’s resolutions now. Research shows that those who make resolutions to alter their behaviour report higher rates of success than those[…]

Love Your Liver

The liver is a marvel.  This miraculous organ filters more than a liter of blood each minute and works to detoxify the body of common contaminants, such as cigarette smoke, toxic chemicals, air pollutants, pesticides and drugs. But that’s not all.  Dr. Smith reminds patients that the liver also assists[…]

Alleviate Auto Injuries With Chiropractic

Some injuries — like burns, bruises and cuts — are easy to spot.  Others, however, may only be detected during an examination by a doctor of chiropractic. Many of these “hidden injuries” stem from automobile accidents.  And although elusive, these injuries are far from minor.  Immediate diagnosis of auto-related injuries[…]