Chiropractic for Life


10-Week Jump-Start Wellness Plan: Part One

For the next 10 weeks, Dr. Smith will guide patients through a unique and highly effective approach to getting — and staying — healthy.  Achieving optimal health is an ongoing process, and there are no “quick-fixes.”  The key to this innovative approach is focusing on one aspect of wellness each[…]

Fluorescent Lighting

You’ll find fluorescent lighting in homes, schools, offices, departments stores and a plethora of other locations.  But have you ever stopped to consider exactly what’s inside a fluorescent light tube? For one thing, mercury.  In addition to endangering human health, discarded mercury products add to the pollution of landfills (J[…]

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Chiropractic, which focuses on preventive health and maintaining optimal wellness, is an extremely safe option for warding off a vast array of conditions.  It becomes even safer when compared to more invasive alternative, such as medication and surgery. If you are interested in research documenting the benefits of chiropractic, you[…]

Ten Reasons to Turn Off the TV

You’ve heard it all before:  Watching too much television is bad for your health.  But have you really “tuned in” to the research or simply pressed your own virtual “mute button?” Dr. Smith urges patients to seriously consider how television is affecting them and their families.  Following are 10 excellent[…]