Chiropractic for Life


Pet Ownership Boosts Health

If you’re a pet lover, your furry friend may be providing you much more than companionship:  He or she may actually be adding years to your life!  How?  By improving your physical and mental health.  Doctors of chiropractic like Dr. Smith focus on the connection between the mind, body and[…]

Hidden Causes of Headache

In today’s pill-popping culture, drugs are often considered the first line of defense against headache pain.  The problem?  These drugs have a proven history of ineffectiveness.  In addition, they are loaded with potentially perilous side effects. All-natural alternatives, however — such as the type of chiropractic care provided by Dr.[…]

What Parents Need to Know About Outdoor Recreational Gear

Spring fun used to involve little more than a ball, a bat and a sprinkler.  Today, spring means everything from trampolines to skateboards, scooters and ATVs.  All this gear might make summer more fun, but Dr. Smith warns that it also makes it more dangerous.  This spring make sure you[…]

10-Week Jump-Start Wellness Plan: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of Dr. Smith’s revolutionary wellness plan.  If you’ve followed along with the first half of the program and completed each week’s challenges, you’ve undoubtedly noticed dramatic shifts in your level of health. Dr. Smith also encourages patients to shift their wellness attitude, from one centered on[…]