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How to Develop a Wellness Attitude

Many individuals define wellness as being physically fit, or as the absence of disease.  These notions, however, do not capture the full meaning of wellness. Dr. Smith teaches patients that wellness begins with a state of mind, often referred to by chiropractors as “health-esteem” or a “wellness attitude.”  Adopting this[…]

Probiotics: Bacteria for Good Health

You may have heard the term “probiotics” lately.  Probiotics are bacteria with the potential to provide profound health benefits.  Dr. Smith confirms that these “good bacteria” can play starring roles in your picture of optimal health. There’s a battle going on in your body, every minute of every day.  As[…]

The Latest Research on Exercise and Depression

A growing body of research shows that exercise is extremely effective in combating depression.  And it’s effective no matter who you are or how you exercise.  Research results reveal that:  1) almost all types of exercise are equally effective and 2) exercise fights depression in all life stages — from[…]

Natural Relief from Seasonal Allergies

The change of season brings with it new weather, new scenery, and for many people, seasonal allergies.  Also called “hay fever:, this allergic reaction may be triggered by pollen from trees, weeds, grasses or a combination of plants. Many people attempt to counteract inflammatory action of histamines with antihistamines, the[…]