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Can Food Prevent Dementia?

Dementia is defined as the loss of intellectual faculties, including memory, which interrupts social and occupational functioning.  Dementia may be sparked by vascular problems, which curtail blood flow to the brain.  Other culprits include brain trauma or injury — even if it occurred several years prior to the onset of[…]

Spring Into Wellness With Chiropractic

Aaah Spring, that glorious season when birds start singing, flowers start blooming and the sun starts shining.  Spring is a time for a new life and new beginnings — a time to start over.  This spring, why not give new life to your health care?  If you’ve been struggling with[…]

The Ideal Solution for Low-Back Pain

Back pain is a common health complaint, second only to upper respiratory infections as a reason to seek help from a health-care provider.  It is also culpable for more days of sick leave and disability than any other health problem. Many people who suffer from back pain — particularly low-back[…]

Savour Spring Vegetables

Spring is in the air!  For many of us, that means that fresh. Local produce is available once again.  Eating locally is ideal for the environment and optimal nutrition, so be sure to take advantage of these early spring treats. There’s lots of buzz lately about “eating local.”  Buying from[…]