Chiropractic for Life


Happy and Healthy Halloween

This Halloween, Dr. Smith asks patients to remember that consuming candy in moderation is fine, but it’s vital to keep spooky seasonal splurging under control. Dr. Smith emphasizes preventing health-related problems before they occur.  This includes promoting what’s known as the chiropractic lifestyle, a way of life that focuses on[…]

Monday Morning Health Tip – Running and Jogging

Chiropractic for Runners and Joggers Scientific research demonstrates that chiropractic care may enhance running performance in both recreational runners as well as professional athletes.  Dr. Smith focuses on teaching runners and joggers how to ward off injury before it occurs.  When injury does take place, chiropractic offers all-natural solutions, which[…]

Don’t Let Computer Use Be a Pain in the Neck

Many people spend a large portion of their days sitting at a computer.  And most of them aren’t doing it properly — causing significant pain and discomfort, especially in the neck.  We can’t do much about our ties to the computer, but we can take some simple steps to protect[…]