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Monday Morning Health Tip – Chiropractic for Breastfeeding Problems

Stay Connected with great weekly info Chiropractic for Breastfeeding Problems Most new moms are aware that breast milk is best for their babies. They know that it aids in development and protects against disease.  But many moms don’t anticipate problems with breastfeeding.  Assuming that breastfeeding is a natural, instinctive process,[…]

MondayMorningHealthTip – Green Tea

Stay Connected with great weekly info The Latest Research on Green Tea The secrets to optimal health and long life may be found not in a bottle of pills, but in a teacup — if that cup is full of green tea, that is.  The health benefits of green tea[…]

Monday Morning Health Tip – ASTHMA

Stay Connected with great weekly info Tylenol┬« Linked With Asthma The prevalence of asthma has rocketed since the 1960s and 1970s, particularly in Western industrialized nations and among young children.  While there are no definitive explanations for this increase, researchers have sought clues in our modern environmental conditions, our behaviours,[…]