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Monday Morning Health Tip – Fight Inflammation

Stay Connected with great weekly info Eat Right to Fight Inflammation Inflammation is your immune system’s response to injury or infection.  The inflammation process cleans out damaged tissue and sets the stage for healing to begin.  But, if something interferes with the complex chemical balances of the immune system, the[…]

Monday Morning Health Tip – Safe and Natural First Aid

Safe and Natural First Aid Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is moving into the mainstream as more people embrace natural and safe methods of caring for their health.  Exciting new CAM therapies continue to emerge for conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  However, even the healthiest individual can harness[…]

Monday Morning Health Tip – Scoliosis Screening Part 2: The Latest Research

Stay Connected with great weekly info In-School Scoliosis Screening Part II:  The Latest Research Think your child doesn’t need to be screened by a doctor of chiropractic for scoliosis because he or she receives yearly in-school evaluations?  Think again.  Late-breaking research reveals that, in general, school-based scoliosis screenings are ineffective. […]

Tuesday Health Tip – In-School Scoliosis Screening Part 1: The Basics

In-School Scoliosis Screening Part I:  The Basics According to chiropractors who care for patients with scoliosis, like Dr. Smith, early detection is key to preventing scoliosis from progressing.  Although school-based screenings do catch some cases of scoliosis in their initial stages, studies show that these screenings alone are not sufficient.[…]