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Monday Morning Health Tip – Middle Back Pain – Part 1 – Common Causes

Chiropractic for Middle Back Pain Part I:  Common Causes If you have ever experienced pain in your middle back (thoracic area), you have plenty of company.  Once recent study estimates that 30 percent of working adults experience at least one episode of middle back pain each year (J Occup Health[…]

Monday Morning Health Tip – Hydration: Key to spinal Health and Overall Wellness

Hydration:  Key to Spinal Health and Overall Wellness Chances are you’re familiar with the admonition to drink an adequate supply of water.  But do you know the science behind this advice?  What exactly does water do for our bodies? Plenty, says Dr. Smith.  Among other important functions, adequate water consumption[…]

Monday Morning Health Tip – Natural Solutions For Depression: Part 2

Natural Solutions for Depression:  Part II This week, Dr. Smith is pleased to present part two of our series on natural solutions for depression. Nutrition is a key component of the chiropractic lifestyle.  That’s why Dr. Smith encourages patients to consider how the foods they eat affect their body and[…]

Monday Morning Health Tip – Natural Solutions for Depression: Part 1

Stay Connected with great weekly info Natural Solutions for Depression:  Part I Dr. Smith is concerned about the sharp rise in depression rates over recent years.  Each year, more and more children and adults experience depression, and many turn to antidepressant medications that are loaded with side effects. What triggered[…]