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What Is Facet Syndrome?

The spine is an elegant and complex structure.  Its 33 vertebrae — the bones that protect the spinal cord and support the head and torso — fit together with a system of joints that allow it to bend and twist. If a problem develops in the joints of the spine,[…]

Stop Snoring for Better Health

Snoring is a nighttime nuisance for many people, whether they snore or share a bedroom with a snorer.  About 25 percent of women and 40 percent of men snore regularly.  Chronic snoring can be more than an annoyance — it can signal serious health problems. Simply put, snoring is the[…]

Chiropractic Alleviates Colic

Your doctor at Chiropractic for Life has great news for parents of infants with colic:  A new major review study reveals that chiropractic care alleviates colic.  What’s more, it is safer and more effective than medical interventions. Colic is characterized by irritability, excessive crying, gas and difficulty sleeping.  Colic is[…]

Strawberries: A Superfood

Sweet, juicy strawberries are one of summer’s most beloved foods.  But did you know that they are more than just a delicious treat?  Strawberries, like many other richly coloured fruits and vegetables, are a nutritional powerhouse.  Each berry delivers generous helpings of several antioxidants and other nutrients. Naturally sweet, strawberries[…]