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What Do Symptoms Really Mean? Part II: Internal Disorders

As a proactive health-care provider, your doctor at Chiropractic for Life doesn’t wait for the onset of symptoms to herald the presence of disease and skeletal misalignments. Why?  Because doctors of chiropractic know what countless medical studies have shown over and over again:  you don’t need to exhibit symptoms to[…]

What Do Symptoms Really Mean? Part I: Spinal & Musculoskeletal Disorders

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “symptom” as “subjective evidence of disease or physical disturbance” or “something that indicates the existence of something else.” However, modern culture has strayed from this definition, instead regarding symptoms as the first stage of illness.  This common misconception results in a “disease-focused” attitude toward healthcare,[…]

All About Melatonin

Would you like to boost your health with a natural antioxidant that has the power to ward off cancer, balance your mood and fight obesity?  You already have it in your blood — and in cells throughout your body. This miracle substance is melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate the[…]