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Get Spicy!

If you’re using your spice rack as a decorative wall hanging and don’t know your cumin from your coriander, it’s time to spice up your life!  In addition to enhancing the flavour of food, many herbs and spices have well-researched health benefits. There’s no doubt about it:  food — herbs[…]

Spread Love & Kindness This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day fanfare — from the cards to the flowers and candy — all say “I care about you” to anyone close to our hearts.  It’s obvious that supportive relationships — that last long after the Valentine’s chocolates have been consumed, cards recycled and flowers wilted — tremendously affect psychological[…]

The Shocking Truth About Back Pain Prescription Drugs

The Shocking Truth About Back Pain Prescription Drugs It seems that every few months a news scandal erupts about a celebrity who developed an addiction to painkillers after being prescribed the drugs for back pain.  Yet, despite this media attention, use of opioid drugs for back pain continues to climb[…]