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Avoiding Injury on the Soccer Field

Soccer is the most-played sport around the world.  And, while it is safer than many sports, injuries do occur.  Dr. Smith proposes using several tactics to prevent both children and adults from incurring soccer-related injuries.

Soccer is surprisingly ancient — the first known match was played in 611 A.D.  In the United Kingdom, where this wildly popular pastime is called “football,” the game was banned for centuries due to “broken skins, broken heads, torn coats and lost hats.”  But the sport was so loved that, to stem the chaos, official rules were established in 1815.

While soccer injuries are fairly frequent, even for the pros, Dr. Smith says that it’s possible to play safely while still “bending it like Beckham.”

Ask us for more information about how chiropractic can be combined with training and exercise regimes to help athletes stay injury-free on the soccer field this season.  You’ll be glad you did.

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