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Avoiding Injury on the Soccer Field

Soccer is the most-played sport around the world.  And, while it is safer than many sports, injuries do occur.  Dr. Smith proposes using several tactics to prevent both children and adults from incurring soccer-related injuries.

Ankle injuries in soccer are primarily caused by either jumping in proximity to other players or by changing direction quickly.  Protecting the ankle starts with recognition of the specific movements that expose the joint to possible harm.  Sports medicine experts recommend proprioceptive training to cut down on ankle sprains and strains.

Knee injuries – The knee often bears the brunt of impact.  Speak to Dr. Smith to learn special neuromuscular warm-up exercises to reduce knee flexion.

Head and Neck Injury.  “Heading,” or using the head to move the ball, is dangerous for the neck (cervical) area.  Multiple impacts may produce bony changes in the cervical spine and predispose a player to related degenerative disease later in life (Pain Pysician 2005;8:391-7).  It may also cause concussions.

An established method for avoiding hamstring injury is isokinetic endurance training (J Strength Cond Res 2008;22:1458-67).  Warm-up stretches and flexibility exercises are also beneficial.

Proper hydration is another key to dodging injuries and sustaining performance intensity.  
Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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