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Back Pain May Be in Your Genes

Back Pain May Be in Your Genes

Even if you have never had a backache, if your parent, grandparent, sibling or other family member struggles with chronic back pain, new research shows that you are at heightened risk of developing similar symptoms.  That’s why regular preventive chiropractic care with your doctor at Chiropractic for Life is especially crucial for anyone with a family history of back pain.

What can you do to protect your health if you have a family history of back pain or degenerative disease?  While your genetic make-up cannot be altered, don’t throw in the towel yet.  Just because an individual has a family history of back pain does not mean he or she is doomed to suffer as well.  Many factors contribute to “switching on” a genetic trigger of disease.  Chiropractic care keeps the spine in optimal alignment, offering significant prevention from back pain.

If you already live with back problems, chiropractic care can help ease or even completely relieve symptoms, even among individuals with a family history of the disorder.Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Education

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