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Bedroom Televisions and Sleep

How much sleep did you get last night?  If you’re like most people, it probably wasn’t sufficient.  But some surprising new research might help you catch those elusive ZZZ’s.  If counting sheep and drinking warm milk aren’t working, studies suggest taking the TV of the bedroom just might do the trick.

Lack of sleep is often linked to an unhealthy lifestyle and poor health status (BMC Public Health 2006;6:59).  That’s because the body does the majority of its “repair” work overnight.  When this process is shortchanged, physical vulnerabilities result.

One of the greatest contributors to sleeplessness — in addition to stress, work demands and family pressure — is television:  particularly when the set is located in the bedroom.

Sleep is simply too important to let anything compromise its remarkably restorative powers.

If you suffer from sleep disturbances, try giving your bedroom television the boot.  And, make sure to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic evaluation focused on uncovering any other “hidden” causes of your insomnia.

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