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Breathe Your Way to Wellness

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your breathing.  But maybe you should start.  The way you breathe can actually have a profound impact on your health.

Research reveals that rhythmic breathing facilitates comfort and healing (Holst Nurs Pract 2007;21:85-8).

Perform this type of breathing by inhaling through the nose, thereby expanding the chest.  Exhale through the mouth while contracting the abdominal muscles.

Experts suggest counting to five — slowly — on the inhale and repeating the count on the exhale.  Sometimes a bit of mental visualization helps.  As you inhale, imagine that your abdomen is inflating like a balloon.  “With every long, slow exhalation, you should feel more relaxed.”

By being conscious of your breathing, you can understand its effect on overall health such as:

  • Sparks stress relief
  • Hastens sweet dreams
  • Decreases reaction time
  • Boosts brain power
  • Hastens heart health
  • Aids antioxidants
  • Acts like a mini-workout
  • Lessens swelling

If you experience periodic breathing problems, phone our office to schedule a full physical examination.  Instigators include misalignment of spinal bones (vertebrae), a condition known as vertebral subluxation; allergies; respiratory disease; obesity; anxiety and circulation disorders.

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