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Bright Is Best for Veggies

Bright Is Best for Veggies

Sure, green vegetables are nutritional powerhouses.  But don’t neglect their red, orange, purple and yellow cousins.  Bright is beautiful when it comes to vegetables: particularly if your optimal-health goal includes boosting your immune system, preserving your eye sight and reducing the risk of cancer.  That’s because the vitamins, minerals and all-natural chemical components in vegetables help do all of this … and more!

The “more” includes lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke: a feat linked to vegetables’ rich fiber content.  Vegetables are similarly low in calories and fat, another important component of a heart-healthy diet.

Nutritional experts from around the world recommend eating a minimum of five vegetables and fruit servings per day — and the brighter the better.  Why?  Because the brighter the colour, the more phytonutrients a vegetable contains.

Phytonutrients are plant-based substances that feature disease-fighting attributes.  The most common are terpenes (essential oils), carotenoids (fat-soluble plant pigments found in vividly coloured fruits and vegetables), phytosterols (compounds found in the cells and membranes of plants) and limonoids (found in citrus peel).

To maximize the health benefits associated with vegetables and minimize the exposure to toxic pesticides, opt for organic produce whenever possible.  And always wash all produce; even those that were grown organically.Dr. Barbara Smith
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