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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) gets a lot of press as being the primary culprit behind wrist pain.  But there are a number of other diseases, harmful habits, spinal conditions and syndromes that  can masquerade as CTS.

Overuse of the wrist may result in carpal tunnel syndrome:  inflammation of the “tunnel” between the ligament that extends across the top of the carpal bones and the bones themselves.  Symptoms of this painful and debilitating condition include numbness, tingling and loss of strength.

While CTS is a major health concern, it is not always the cause of wrist pain.  There are a glut of CTS imposters.  That’s why it’s important for all individuals with wrist problems to have a complete chiropractic evaluation.

Make an appointment today with Dr. Smith and discuss ways to adjust your work and postural habits to minimize wrist and neck pain.  Don’t wait for pain to signal it’s time for another visit.

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