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Case Studies

Patient Name: Mark S.

Duration of Care: August 2005-Present

Patient’s Chief Complaint: Schoenberg was presented with daily back pain, particularly in the lower back.

Treatment: Regular chiropractic adjustments (a low force technique) were used to keep this patient healthy, happy and active in daily life.

Clinical Progress: Over Schoenberg’s care, the back pain decreased significantly, especially in the lower back. Daily routines are no longer compromised. Mark was also able to go off his blood pressure medication and start exercising again.
“I couldn’t be happier with my results”

Patient Name: Ali G.

Health Concerns/What Happened?: This patient presented for wellness and care to enhance performance due to her knowledge of the damaging effects of nerve interference or “subluxation”.

Patient’s Story: “This was very helpful and I had only good experiences with chiropractic, especially through my pregnancy. When my chiropractor retired, I wanted to continue in a proactive way. When I heard about Dr. Barb and after my initial reason I was inspired by how she practices and it reminded me of how I like to teach voice. Dr. Barb and I have been working through my alignment issue and my energy is increasing. I’m grateful for chiropractor and how it helps my body heal.”

Patient Name: Sheelagh T.

Duration of Care: February 2010-Present

Patient’s Chief Complaint: Patient came to see me because she was concerned about her back and neck pain.

Clinical Findings: We found significant postural imbalances and multiple subluxations from years of vigorous physical activity.

Results: With regular chiropractic adjustments, Sheelagh improved tremendously.  One of the reasons Sheelagh did so well with care is because she followed doctor’s recommendations.

“Going back to Chiropractic Care helped me get on with my short term goals and remember to deal with long term care to my old injuries”

Patient Name: Chris F.

Duration of Care: December 1998-October 2001 & July 2008-present

Patient’s Chief Complaint: Chris presented with upper mid back pain aggravated by his vigorous guitar playing.

Clinical Findings: Upon examination, found chronic muscle tension patterns around his many subluxations and postural imbalances.

Results: Remarkable!
With regular adjustments Chris can rock on as much as he likes!

Patient: 12 year old boy with very active lifestyle, plays soccer and used to play hockey 3 years ago.

Duration of Care: Jan 2010-present

Patient’s Chief Complaint: Chronic left knee pain for 3 years with pain getting worse. He has pain and discomfort with “kicking” and running. Complains of being unable to perform at maximum potential. Pain at night time interrupts sleep.

Objective Findings: Patient unable to flex knees more than 90 degrees with swelling on top of the knees and tight hip flexors.

MRI: Taken on February 2010 showed joint effusion on left suprapatellar bursa and right knee comparison study showed minimal amount of fluid in the bursa.

Treatment: Traditional paediatric chiropractic technique, Koren Specific Technique (KST) on spine, pelvis and extremities. Stretches prescribed relevant to muscular tightness. Visits were only once a week.

Clinical Progress: During the course of treatment, he noticed tremendous improvements in knee flexion more than 100 degrees with less pain and minimal swelling. He sleeps better, with no pain at night. He is now able to run and play soccer easily and has no interrupted sleep. Also noticed improvements in immune system function, with fewer runny nose and colds. Father of the boy said “He sleeps well throughout the night and not waking us up”.

Patient Alan: 29 years old (Case study sponsored by Workwell Toronto)

Patient’s Chief Complaint: Chronic low back discomfort with “cracking noise”. Started since his previous occupation, he was a “mover” and did a lot of heavy lifting.

Computerized nerve scan (sEMG) showed nerve tension in cervical spine although his symptoms were in low back and knees. Chiropractic exam revealed cervical, thoracic and lumbar Subluxations. Posture check revealed unbalanced weight distribution.

Treatment: KST only for 3 times a week for total of 8 visits.

End of Case Study: Patient had minimal improvement. The case study was only for a total of 8 visits; suggesting that his total amount of treatments were not sufficient to create significant changes. However, the patient was pleased with his care and the knowledge that he got out of this study. “Learning more about chiropractic made me realize how necessary service it is. I have always felt my body, joints and posture were out of line and needed to be corrected. I would definitely recommend  chiropractic whether you have something wrong with you or not. Preventative medicine is far better and natural to the human body than to wait until it is too late”.

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