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Celebrate Without Stress

“Tis the season to be jolly…” — and stressed.  Unfortunately, the holiday season, with its overflowing to-do lists, often brings more stress than holiday cheer.  The good news?  Dr. Smith has some winning strategies to ward off holiday-related stress.

Dr. Smith witnesses the results of unchecked stress every day:  from colds to headaches, digestive problems and low-back pain.  Can’t find a gift you purchased a month ago?  Blame it on stress.  It’s an established fact that psychological stress can also spark memory loss (Arch Gen Psychiatry 1999;56:527-33).

The following are just a few practical suggestions on how to slash holiday-related stress:

  • Pass on perfection
  • Be realistic about the relatives
  • Help others to heal
  • Tame traditions
  • Cut down on kitchen time
  • Get a handle on holiday cards
  • Be picky about parties
  • Fend off financial woes

Instead, celebrate the love of family and friends.  Pick up this week’s copy of the Optimal Health University for more great ideas.

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