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Chicken Soup As Medicine: Myth or Reality?

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Chicken Soup As Medicine:  Myth or Reality?

For centuries, a diverse array of cultures have considered chicken soup a traditional folk remedy for colds.  But are the medicinal benefits of chicken soup fact or fiction?

As a holistic practitioner focused on prevention, Dr. Smith is interested in scientific research into traditional natural remedies — such as chicken soup — and with sharing this knowledge with patients.

It turns out that centuries of “mothers’ instinct” were right on target:  Scientific research validates that chicken soup, which is often craved by those with colds, does in fact have powerful medicinal properties (Nurse Pract 2003;28:16).

Interestingly, Dr. Smith has found that the most recent research on chicken soup reveals that not only may it ward off colds, but it may also play a role in preventing heart disease and some psychological disorders.

Knowing that a loved one took the time to prepare a homemade cup of soup generates a powerful sense of well-being that enhances the healing process.  Studies support the theory that feeling cared for wards off disease.  And, nurturing is not only good for the patient; it also benefits the caregiver.
  Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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