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Chiropractic: Leader of the Wellness Revolution

These days it seems that everybody is talking about “wellness.”  People are questioning our society’s dependence on medication and medical procedures with potentially harmful side effects.  We are searching for a better way, which often means opening our minds to what was formerly considered “alternative.”  In fact, many “alternative” approaches to health — from dietary supplements to yoga — have become mainstream.  Individuals are making radical changes in the pursuit of optimal health — and maintaining it well into old age.

Dr. Smith is thrilled to be a holistic practitioner during this transformational time in the history of health care.  Chiropractic was instrumental in fueling the Wellness Revolution, and it continues to serve as a driving force behind it.

The modern Wellness Revolution has been buttressed by the principles of chiropractic, which the founders of the profession established over a century ago.  These principles include:

  1. The body has a built-in healing force or “intelligence” that strives toward balance.
  2. The body functions as a whole, not as a collection of isolated parts.
  3. The spine and nerve system play a key role in health.
  4. Physical, emotional and chemical (including environmental) factors all affect health.
  5. Unnecessary medication and medical procedures should be avoided.

Dr. Smith wants patients to understand how the pillars of chiropractic have shaped what we today call wellness.  Grasping these principles gives chiropractic patients a significant edge when it comes to getting and staying healthy.

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