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Chiropractic Most Effective Option for Low-Back Pain

Did you know that up to 85 percent of adults endure low-back pain (LBP) sometime during their lives?  And that many of the medications used to relieve LBP carry hazardous side effects?  The good news is that research shows that chiropractic care — a drug-free approach — is the most effective remedy.

Why is chiropractic such an effective solution for LBP?  Chiropractic eradicates the root cause of low-back pain.  Specifically, a common condition called vertebral subluxation, which is due to misaligned spinal bones (vertebrae), often instigates LBP.  Chiropractors, like Dr. Smith, correct vertebral subluxations with specialized and safe maneuvers called chiropractic adjustments.

Studies show that chiropractic patients are:

  • more satisfied with their care than medical patients.
  • five times more likely to experience relief than were subjects under medical care.
  • more motivated to employ strategies to reduce pain and disability.
  • more likely to find benefit and long term satisfaction than those treated by hospitals.
  • enjoying the highest reduction in pain scores, compared with the placebo and muscle relaxant groups in research studies.

If you know anyone who currently suffers from LBP, please spread the good news about chiropractic’s successful, all-natural approach.  If you suffer from bouts of LBP — even if it’s intermittent — make an appointment with Dr. Smith today.  Even sporadic LBP can quickly alter into a chronic problem, for which chiropractic offers an easy and painless solution.

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