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Chiropractic Safe for Babies and Kids

Little spines need chiropractic care too.  But some parents wonder if chiropractic is safe for children of all ages.

In a typical day, kids’ spines are subjected to a variety of traumas.  Learning to crawl or walk, sports injuries, heavy backpacks, stress, slumping, uncomfortable seats, etc. all affect alignment and can cause spine and neck pain.  And the common “cure” — continually popping painkillers — can cause long-term harm, especially for developing bodies and brains.

Doctors of chiropractic, such as Dr. Smith, detect and correct dysfunctional areas of the spine, known as vertebral subluxations.  Vertebral subluxations limit motion and can cause dysfunction throughout the spine.

Through chiropractic adjustments, specialized maneuvers designed to fix these “stuck” vertebrae, chiropractors realign the spine and increase mobility.

In chiropractic school, doctors learn specific adjusting techniques for children.  Dr. Smith makes adjustments safe for vertebrae of all sizes by modifying each chiropractic adjustment to match a patient’s growing spine.

Please discuss any pediatric health issue with us, even if it’s not related to the spine.  We’re your partners in health — for you and your children.
 Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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