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Chronic Pain Affect the Brain

The brain is a three-pound organ that’s the source of qualities that define each person.  It’s the center for intelligence, emotion, interpreting the senses and controlling body movement and behaviour.

However, for millions of people who suffer from chronic pain, the brain changes every day.  Research shows that chronic pain rewires the brain and disrupts its natural equilibrium.  These new findings add to past research demonstrating that pain shrinks the brain.

Masking chronic pain with over-the-counter or prescription painkillers does nothing to solve the underlying cause of the problem.  Pain medication is also linked to a litany of short- and long-term side effects.  In contrast, our chiropractic office focuses on determining the root of patients’ discomfort and eliminating it for good.

The longer you put off addressing the underlying source of your pain, the more our brain will be affected.  But even if you have suffered from pain for years, scientists believe that it is possible to reverse the brain changes that may have ensued.  Schedule an appointment with our office today.  And, if you know anyone suffering from chronic pain, let them know how chronic pain affects the brain and please refer them to our office.

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