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Core Strength, Posture and Back Pain

At any given time, 15 percent of adults have low-back pain (LBP).  To make matters worse:  Many simultaneously suffer from chronic widespread pain (Best Pract Res Clin Rheumatol 2007;21:77-91).

Research shows that developing strong core muscles reduces LBP — but that’s not all.  Core strengthening makes all physical activity easier, perfects posture, improves athletic ability and slashes the risk of spinal injuries.

Dr. Smith teaches patients that with sound core stability, the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen work in harmony.

Aren’t core and abdominal muscles the same think?  Not exactly.  Core muscles encompass both abdominal and back muscles.

Abdominal exercises isolate and strengthen individual muscle groups.  On the other hand, core muscle exercises work both the abs and the lower back.  By working them together, they learn to function better and more efficiently.

Strengthening your core muscles can:

  • Lessen low back pain.
  • Strengthen stability.
  • Ease daily activity.
  • Perfect posture.
  • Sit better.

This office is committed to helping you achieve optimal health through preventive care.  Why wait for pain and illness before taking action?  Let us coach you toward optimal wellness right now.

Strong core strength is just one way to improve current well-being and prevent future illness.  Ask us about simple exercises and programs that can jumpstart you on the road to topnotch strength!

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