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Disorders Associated With Antibiotic Use

Ugh… your aching head, your stuffy nose and your exhausted body have landed you on the couch with a nasty cold.  You’re anxious to get back to work and think an antibiotic medication might speed your recovery.

Think again.  Antibiotics don’t help viral illnesses such as colds and flu.  Also, Dr. Smith wants you to know that inappropriate use of antibiotics is harmful.  Overuse has created antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and constant dosing can reduce the immune system’s response — increasing risks for diseases such as cancer.

Before jumping to antibiotics to cure what ails you, it’s important to have the facts.  Remember:  The common cold is a virus, and antibiotics don’t work on viral infections.

Rather than reacting to disease and illness with drugs, doctors of chiropractic prefer a proactive approach — one that begins long before sickness ensues.  The chiropractic lifestyle is rooted in strengthening the immune system to avoid illness and function at optimal capacity.

In addition to possible long-term effects, antibiotics may also create many short-term problems, such as nausea, diarrhea and allergic reactions.  Schedule a chiropractic evaluation today to learn more about building the immune system, naturally.

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