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Don’t Let Computer Use Be a Pain in the Neck

Many people spend a large portion of their days sitting at a computer.  And most of them aren’t doing it properly — causing significant pain and discomfort, especially in the neck.  We can’t do much about our ties to the computer, but we can take some simple steps to protect our necks.

Proper workplace ergonomics are vital to preventing computer-related neck pain.  In fact, one study concludes:  “We estimate that many cases of discomfort and ultimately pain in the neck region are connected with computer work that lasts too long with poor ergonomic organization.”  (Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2005;7:204-8.)

Common problem areas include:

  • Monitor
  • Phone
  • Chair
  • Keyboard
  • Books and papers
  • Laptops

Whether or not you are experiencing pain, if you spend any significant amount of time at a computer, don’t put off scheduling a chiropractic appointment.  Even if you are not in pain, computer work may have triggered vertebral subluxations that will eventually result in pain and dysfunction.  Don’t delay:  Schedule an appointment with our office today.  

Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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