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Easy Ways to Boost Your Child’s IQ

Did you know there are several simple, healthy things parents can do to help make their kids smarter?  Dr. Smith has compiled a sampling of recent research on how to boost your child’s IQ.

Doctors of chiropractic, like Dr. Smith, care for children by focusing on correcting dysfunctional areas in the spine called vertebral subluxations.  Dr. Smith does this with gentle and effective maneuvers (chiropractic adjustments) specially tailored for children.  According to one analysis, chiropractic adjustments designed to remove vertebral subluxations appear to speed mental reaction time, or what researchers term “movement time” (J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2006;29:257-66).

Here are more tips:

  • Avoid brain-shrinking pain
  • Make music for the mind
  • Read together
  • Get spiritual
  • Send stress packing
  • Unleash the unstructured play
  • Take it outside
  • Seek out social interaction
  • Play with pets
  • Stock up on sleep
  • Breastfeed for brain power
  • Feast on brain food
  • Turn off the TV

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