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Excellent News About Eggs

For years, eggs have suffered from a bad reputation.  We’ve been warned that the cholesterol in egg yolks will surely clog our arteries and cause cardiovascular disease.  So, an entire generation of health-conscious eaters dumped the yolks and ate pale, flavourless egg-white omelets — or just avoided eggs altogether.

The image problem for egg yolks stemmed from their high cholesterol content.  Like all animal foods, eggs contain this essential substance.  All animals’ bodies — including the human body — require cholesterol.  It is a major component of cell membranes as well as the insulating sheath that coasts neurons to help the nerve system transmit electrical signals efficiently.

Dangerous levels of blood cholesterol are more closely related to obesity, smoking, or lack of physical activity.  A diet high in trans fats — found in hydrogenated oils in margarine and many processed foods — is also a harbinger of atherosclerosis.

Eggs are pack with nutrients our bodies require:

  • Protein
  • All eight of the essential amino acids
  • Health-promoting carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Choline, a critical nutrient for brain development and function
  • Vitamins A and E, several B vitamins
  • Iron and phosphorous

Because of their moderate protein and fat content, enjoying eggs at breakfast causes satiety and can cut down on overeating throughout the day.  This helps to maintain a healthy weight and avoid obesity-related cholesterol and cardiovascular problems.Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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