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Give Thanks for Your Health

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Give Thanks for Your Health

Dr. Smith strongly advocates the chiropractic lifestyle — a way of life that’s rooted in disease prevention through healthy life choices and chiropractic care.  One of the components of this mode of living includes embracing positive thinking to support physical health.

It’s obvious that reducing emotions like stress, frustration and anger improves mental and physical well-being.  Now research also shows that expressing gratitude and appreciation has a direct positive effect on sleep, well-being, depression and disease.

Let’s face it:  Expressing gratitude and appreciation isn’t always easy.  it may be especially difficult when events or people fall short of our expectations.

Don’t despair.  Becoming a gratitude guru is easier than you think.  Here are some suggestions to help bring gratitude into your daily life.

  • Keep a journal or gratitude list.
  • Find five things a day that you’re grateful for and write them down.
  • Start off slowly.  At first quality may be more important than quantity.
  • Make a point to share with at least one person each day a sentence beginning, “I’m so grateful for your…”
  • Put yourself in others’ shoes before judging.  Appreciate their contributions and perspectives even if they’re different from yours.

Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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