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Headaches: The Spinal Connection

Doctors of chiropractic think of pain as the body’s way of signaling a deeper health concern.  They don’t consider pain an isolated problem requiring a drug solution.  Like a car’s dashboard warning light, pain alerts you to issues needing attention.

The root of many headache sufferers’ pain lies not in the head but in the spine of the neck (cervical spine).  Headaches are often an indication of a hidden condition called vertebral subluxations — a long name for a common, clear-cut problem.  Vertebral subluxations result from misaligned spinal bones (vertebrae).  When this disorder affects the spine of the neck (cervical spine), it can spark chronic pain and limited mobility.

People of all ages are susceptible to vertebral subluxations.  They can be triggered by simple sources, such as stress, muscle tension, a minor fall or by a traumatic injury such as whiplash or muscle strain.

Fortunately, there is good news:  Doctors of chiropractic successfully correct vertebral subluxations with safe, gentle and precise maneuvers called chiropractic adjustments.  These adjustments restore movement and alignment to the dysfunctional vertebrae.Dr. Barbara Smith
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