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Healthy Resolutions

It takes an average of three weeks for new behaviours to become habits.  That’s why Dr. Smith encourages patients to focus on making — and keeping — healthy New Year’s resolutions now.

Research shows that those who make resolutions to alter their behaviour report higher rates of success than those who thumb their nose at this timeless tradition.

To help get you going, Dr. Smith has outlined some sure-fire resolutions designed to get your 2014 off on the right foot — and keep it there!  Choose one or two to focus on.

  • Commit to chiropractic
  • Make a point to move your body
  • Snack smart
  • Tune out television
  • Snub smoking
  • Sleep soundly
  • Stop stressing
  • Limit e-mail and texting time
  • Monitor alcohol intake
  • Learn something new
  • Brush and floss your teeth
  • Buckle your seat belt

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