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How to Develop a Wellness Attitude

Many individuals define wellness as being physically fit, or as the absence of disease.  These notions, however, do not capture the full meaning of wellness.

Dr. Smith teaches patients that wellness begins with a state of mind, often referred to by chiropractors as “health-esteem” or a “wellness attitude.”  Adopting this outlook is essential for achieving peak physical, emotional and spiritual health.

How can you develop a wellness attitude that will catapult you to optimal health?  A successful attitude adjustment is surprisingly simple when you follow the formula Dr. Smith has outlined below.

  • Take charge of your health
  • Get educated
  • Focus on prevention
  • Make the connection
  • Look on the bright side
  • Be a team-player

If you aren’t currently receiving regular chiropractic care, don’t delay.  Join our team.  Take charge of your health today by scheduling a chiropractic evaluation.

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