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How to Prevent Bicycling Injuries

Bicycling — whether it be on the open road, on a stationary bike, or in spinning classes — is a phenomenal way to get into shape and stay that way.  Unfortunately, the sport may also up the risk of a myriad of injuries.

That’s why professional cyclists turn to chiropractic care to ward off cycling-related injuries, and maximize performance.  You don’t have to be a professional to reap the cycling-friendly advantages of chiropractic care.  Recreational cyclists also benefit from chiropractic’s unique approach to preventing sports-related injuries.  Dr. Smith encourages patients to review safety information and learn how chiropractic care can help thwart — and even prevent — bicycling injuries.

Bicycling-related neck and back pain is sparked by a cyclist’s body position while riding, which typically involves overextention of the neck coupled with a hunched lower back.

Cyclists may cut their risk of developing bike-related neck and back pain with regularly scheduled chiropractic care.  Additional prevention strategies recommended by Dr. Smith include the following:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Shortening the handlebar reach
  • Adjusting the tip of the saddle angle slightly upward (10 to 15 degrees)
  • Regularly changing hand and arm position on the handlebars
  • Keeping elbows slightly flexed while riding

The chiropractic approach to preventing sports injuries aims to eliminate possible risk factors before the onset of pain.  When injury does occur, chiropractic care allows cyclists to get back in peddling shape swiftly.

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