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Marvelous Mushrooms

You may want to consider adding a few sliced mushrooms to your stir fry or sprinkling some over your salad — they’ll add a lot more than flavour.  It turns out that, from the white-button to the portabella, most mushrooms used in cooking have phenomenal health benefits.  For instance, mushrooms have been linked to cancer prevention.

Research shows that mushrooms “may be useful in protecting against virally induced cancers through enhancement of natural killer cells, and may also play a role in the prevention of cancers induced by diet and poor lifestyle choices.  Thus, mushrooms may have a significant role in cancer treatment.”  (Arch Environ Health 2003;58:533.)

In addition, mushrooms have been shown to combat breast and prostate cancers specifically.

Certain forms of the hormone estrogen are a major factor in the development of breast cancer.  But now there’s good news for women.  It turns out that diets high in mushrooms may lower that risk by reducing the production of these destructive estrogens.

Before filling your refrigerator’s vegetable bin with mushrooms, talk with the chiropractor first.  It’s important to maintain nutritional balance and not go overboard with any single food:  even foods with known therapeutic benefits.

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