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Monday Morning Health Tip – Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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A Valentine’s Treat:  The Brain-Boosting Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dr. Smith encourages patients to choose a diet plentiful in delicious, nutrient-rich foods, including a moderate amount of dark chocolate (about one ounce per day of at least 60 percent cocoa chocolate).

Evidence has been mounting for several years that chemicals in dark chocolate help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, in turn protecting against cardiovascular disease.  But now — just in time for Valentine’s Day — new research indicates that this candy-aisle favourite also enhances mental and emotional well-being.

Buyer beware:  not all chocolate is healthy.  Remember that only authentic dark chocolate offers brain-boosting and mood-enhancing benefits.  Other forms of chocolate may be destructive to health.  Milk chocolate has a comparatively low cocoa content, and white chocolate contains no cocoa solids, so both lack the salutary properties of dark chocolate.

Finally, the doctor reminds patients to enjoy dark chocolate in moderation as it does contain a significant amount of fat and, depending on the product, refined sugar.  Limit consumption to one ounce per day. Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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