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Monday Morning Health Tip – Chiropractic Solutions For Migrains

The Chiropractic Solution for Migraines

If you have ever experienced a migraine, you know it’s more than just a headache.  The intense pain and accompanying symptoms can make it impossible to participate in daily activities.  What’s worse, migraine sufferers don’t know when their next migraine will strike.

Mainstream medical treatment for migraines involves taking painkillers with potentially hazardous side effects and hoping for the best, because many of these medications are frequently not effective.  Fortunately, individuals with migraines do have other options.  Dr. Smith offers a new, all-natural way to find relief.

Chiropractors, like Dr. Smith, are experts at correcting dysfunctional areas in the spine called vertebral subluxations.  Dr. Smith removes vertebral subluxations with gentle and effective maneuvers called chiropractic adjustments.  Like many other maladies, migraines are related to the nerve system.

Researchers in one trial compared migraine sufferers to a control group and found that those with migraines had higher levels of musculoskeletal dysfunction in their necks as shown by tests of range of motion (Headache 1993;33:566-9).

The core of the nerve system is the spinal cord.  If the vertebrae (spinal bones) that surround the spinal cord are out of alignment, migraine headaches are one of many painful ways vertebral subluxations can manifest.

Migraine headaches are debilitating.  They wreak havoc on a patient’s quality of life, and affect the quality of family members’ lives as well.  If you suffer from migraines don’t continue to suffer needlessly or risk the potential hazards of migraine medication.  Call our office today to schedule a consultation with the doctor. Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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