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Monday Morning Health Tip – Hydration: Key to spinal Health and Overall Wellness

Hydration:  Key to Spinal Health and Overall Wellness

Chances are you’re familiar with the admonition to drink an adequate supply of water.  But do you know the science behind this advice?  What exactly does water do for our bodies?

Plenty, says Dr. Smith.  Among other important functions, adequate water consumption is crucial for spine health.

The spine takes an especially hard hit when the body is dehydrated.  The spine requires ample water to maintain and repair healthy tissues and to keep joints lubricated.  The importance of water to spinal function is most obvious in the intervertebral discs.  These cushion-like structures lie between spinal bones (vertebrae).

Intervertebral discs facilitate the back’s range of motion.  They also protect the spine by absorbing the physical impacts of daily activity.  In addition, they prevent vertebrae from rubbing against each other.

When fluid levels in intervertebral discs are low — in other words, when the discs are dehydrated — they are less able to absorb shock.  The extra stress must be borne by other parts of the back, including ligaments, joints and muscles.

Our chiropractic office is committed to teaching patients how to achieve optimal spinal health — as well as optimal overall health.  To this end, we focus on helping patients create comprehensive strategies aimed at creating wellness in their lives.  Drinking adequate water is an essential part of this approach to holistic living and vitality. Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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