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Monday Morning Health Tip – Running and Jogging

Chiropractic for Runners and Joggers

Scientific research demonstrates that chiropractic care may enhance running performance in both recreational runners as well as professional athletes.  Dr. Smith focuses on teaching runners and joggers how to ward off injury before it occurs.  When injury does take place, chiropractic offers all-natural solutions, which allow athletes to avoid surgery and medication.

Chiropractic care enhances the range of motion of the hip joint, which may allow runners to take longer, more efficient running steps, according to a study conducted in Sweden.

Results demonstrated that “the treatment group showed significantly greater hip extension ability after chiropractic treatment than did controls.”

In addition, chiropractic care may prevent and alleviate several common running-related injuries, in turn enhancing performance.

Along with regular chiropractic visits, Dr. Smith often recommends the following to prevent running-related injuries:

  • Proper shoes
  • Stretching and yoga
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Posture and foot position

Call our office today to schedule a full physical and learn how chiropractic care can keep your body running at peak performance. Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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