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Napping: Health Benefits and Drawbacks

The benefits of sleep are well-proven, but many of us still lack nighttime shuteye.  Regular naps are common for kids, but rare for adults.  Can napping make a real difference in your level of wellness?

Sleep deprivation is blamed for many ills:  drowsiness, irritability, inability to pay attention and even depression (Encephale 2004;30:222-7).  And drivers who haven’t slept well the night before are far more likely to have accidents (Sleep 2001;24:780-7).

Inadequate rest has also been linked to high blood pressure, obesity, headaches and other medical maladies.

Short daytime naps can refresh and revitalize.  But if you still aren’t getting solid nighttime sleep, naps won’t be as beneficial.

People require restorative sleep to lead a healthy, happy life.  If you’re not catching enough ZZZ’s, make an appointment today with Dr. Smith to find out what’s wrong.  We’ll work together to uncover a solution.

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