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Natural Relief from Seasonal Allergies

The change of season brings with it new weather, new scenery, and for many people, seasonal allergies.  Also called “hay fever:, this allergic reaction may be triggered by pollen from trees, weeds, grasses or a combination of plants.

Many people attempt to counteract inflammatory action of histamines with antihistamines, the largest class of drugs on the market.  They function by blocking histamine receptors in certain cells.

Dr. Smith is concerned about the common use of antihistamines because they carry certain risks.  Some cross the blood-brain barrier and have strong sedative effects, including drowsiness, dizziness, poor coordination, blurred vision and tremors.

Other antihistamines can cause dangerous drug interactions.  Research indicates that the discomfort of allergic rhinitis already hinders learning, decision-making speed and psychomotor speed — why take a chance of making the situation worse by adding drugs into the mix?

Ten to 20 percent of people suffer from allergies.  If seasonal allergies have you sniffing, sneezing and otherwise suffering, Dr. Smith offers the following natural and safe methods proven to help.

  • Keep it clean with nasal irrigation
  • Fight allergies with nutrition
  • Consider supplements
  • The power of probiotics
  • Stress reduction
  • Exercise
  • Sniff out sniffles with chiropractic

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