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Powerful Pomegranates

It’s difficult to pronounce and challenging to eat — but that hasn’t stopped the humble pomegranate from becoming one of the most sought-after delicacies in the world.  Or from being at the center of several new and exciting research discoveries!  As part of our office’s ongoing commitment to educate patients about late-breaking wellness research, Dr. Smith wants to share the following data on this ruby-hued nutritional jewel.

One medium apple-sized pomegranate — at a mere 100 calories — is packed with potassium (399 mg) and vitamin C (9 mg).  And its seeds are a valuable source of fibre.

The following are details about the powerful disease-fighting punch the pomegranate packs:

  • Prevent prostate cancer
  • Combat other cancers
  • Bolster your bones
  • Help the heart
  • Diminish diabetes’ effects
  • Save your skin
  • Accumulate antioxidants
  • All-natural anti-inflammatory

In addition to being healthy, pomegranates are just plain fun to eat!  And, unlike medication, there are no side effects associated with these disease-preventing delights.  So peel back a pomegranate today, and enjoy everything this delicious fruit has to offer.

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