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Preventing Ice Hockey Injuries

Ice hockey is a wildly popular sport among adults and children alike.  And it’s not just for cold-weather climates anymore; indoor ice rinks have created hockey players in all parts of the world.  Part of ice hockey’s appeal is its speed, but that speed also contributes to the sport’s high injury rate.

There are ways to prevent ice hockey injuries, including  chiropractic care with Dr. Smith, which helps hockey players prevent and quickly recover from injuries.  With a few preventive measures, the benefits of ice hockey can outweigh the risks.  As a recent study concludes:  “Children and adults alike can reap the physical fitness and social benefits from ice hockey, when they are able to avoid predictable and preventable injuries.”  (Pediatrics 2004;114:e661-6.)

A thorough exam by a doctor of chiropractic is an important step before starting to play hockey or beginning a new season.  Dr. Smith will ensure that you don’t have any conditions that would put you at higher risk for injury — and will also share tips for playing safe and injury-free.
Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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